Registration including request for bundle of qualified and commercial certificate

By using this service you can although  register and request for a bundle of qualified and commercial certificate. In this way both full-featured account and request for qualified and commercial certificate will be made. This service will be invoiced according the  valid service price list.

User Registration

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Dear Sir or Madam,

you will be asked to give us your personal information for the purpose of providing certification services. The time and extent of the processed personal information are set by law nr. 297/2016 Coll. as subsequently amended, or Regulation (EU) no 910/2014 of the european parliament and of the council of 23 July 2014. For the purpose of this law and Regulation it is one's duty to provide these data.

Qualified trust service provider eIdentity a. s. is as the administrator of these personal information among others obliged to be mindful of rights to protection of one's private and personal life. Your personal information can be passed to another administrator only in cases given and reasoned by law.

You as a subject of these personal information are thus obliged during the communication with eIdentity a. s., as administrator of personal information, to provide only exact, truthful and full information and you also agree with their administration, processing and archiving by corporation eIdentity a. s.. This acceptance is provided for time defined in law nr. 297/2016 Coll or in the Regulation.

Please, fill in all subsequent items
Title indicated before the name (according to identity card)
Name in form, which you will later support (according to identity card, passport)
Jan Tadeáš
Surname in form, which you will later support (according to identity card, passport)
Title indicated after the name (according to identity card)
Email address must be valid and unique and you must be its sole user because via this you will communicate with us. Eventually, other addresses you will be able to add later. Upon this address will be sent authorization password to your personal account.
Login name must be at least six characters long (combination of letters without "diacritics" and numbers) will be checked for uniqueness
(not in this case, it cannot be continued)

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