Description of provided services

One of the basic offered products is providing certificated services to individuals, corporations and technological components. Usage of trustfully issued electronic certificates when creating and checking electronic signatures or for data encryption, allows the users to ensure high level of trust, undeniableness and integrity of electronic communication.

Corporation eIdentity a. s. runs more certification authorities.

Accredited services

In the sphere of agencies of public authority and in all places where it is requested by law or where it is necessary to ensure high legal security of acts in electronic world with the help of an electronic signature, can be used the qualified certificate or the qualified system certificate, which is issued by an Accredited certification authority eIdentity a. s. (ACAeID). This certification authority gained an accreditation from Ministry of Informatics of CR for operating as accredited provider of certificated services in accordance with the law 227/2000 Collection of law about electronic signature and thus issues qualified certificates for usage only in connection with an electronic signature.

ACAeID consists of root certification authority (RCA) and authority issuing qualified and qualified system certificates for signatory and marking person (QCA). RCA issues qualified system certificates only to subordinated certification authorities (thus QCA and CCA). QCA issues qualified and qualified system certificates to individual applicants.

We are providing these basic qualified certificated services:

Among other services of ACAeID belongs regular publishing of certificates revocation list (CRL) or list of issued certificates.

Commercial services

For the purpose of encryption, identification, but also for creation and checking of electronic signatures in the area of common commercial communication can be used electronic certificates issued by Commercial certificate authority (CCA). This certificate authority issues also electronic certificates for technological components of information systems (for example web servers or mail servers, securely communicating via SSL/TLS).

We are providing these basic commercial certificated services:

eIdentity a. s. provides also hosting or outsourcing to third party commercial certification authorities.

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