Description of commercial services

Accredited services are defined by law 227/2000 Collection of law, and they are about qualified system certificates for use in areas of electronic signature resp. electronic marks. Modern electronic communication interposes further demands for level of securing the infomation. Those can be for example requests for encryption or identification of participants of communication. Services connected with issuing commercial certificates for these areas will be provided by Commercial certificate authority eIdentity a. s. (CCA).

Commercial certification services are secured and provided at the same quality level as accredited services. Commercial certificates are even possible to be used for other cases of using certificates and they can be used on special settings. That means that for example a person must have under its own exclusive control data for creation of commercial electronic signatures (when signing one expresses own will) and on the contrary, for example data for decryption can have in possession (and well under security) also an organisation whose data (that being its assets) are encrypted. That is very important, because in that case the data can be accessed even in case of non-cooperation of person, who encrypted it.

CCA provides even services of issuing commercial server certificates, which are possible to be used for encrypted communication via protocol SSL/TLS. That means mainly web servers, electronic mail servers, VPN channels, WiFi nets and other secured communication protocols.

Providing of commercial certification services will be offered gradually with startup of accredited certification services.

eIdentity a. s. provides also hosting or outsourcing third-party commercial certification authorities.

As a part of our commercial portfolio we also offer programming services for projects related to implementation of identity management systems using SAML or OpenID protocols. In this area we are able to draw from vast experiences acquired during development and operation of our own certificate authority, including the need to satisfy high security demands put on both the development and the operation of our information systems.

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