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The operator of ACAeID


eIdentity a.s is the operator of ACAeID.

The corporation eIdentity a.s. was created in the beginning of 2004 with a clear orientation on complex services in the area of electronic identity administration.

Acquiring accreditation is a major moment in the creation of trustworthy services for our customers and partners. The eIdentity a. s. company will actively support the development of secure electronic communication among business partners, individuals and state and local administration.


eIdentity a.s.
Vinohradská 184
130 00 Praha 3

Tax information

The corporation is registered at the District Council for Prague in part B., encl. 9080.
IC: 27112489
DIC: CZ 27112489

Contact for providing information

E-mail: nebo
Tel.: +420 222 866 150
Fax: +420 222 866 159

The corporate web server is accessible via internet browsers at the address: or at

The lists of issued qualified certificates, lists of revoked qualified certificates and any other further information provided in compliance with law 227/2000 are available at the addresses:, a

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